SR-227 Remove C-style for loops

This needs to be kept. Otherwise, all is want to know is the last build with C-style loops and I’ll branch/fork

Austin C added a comment - Yesterday
I've read a lot of the people's reasonings for removing C-style loops, but I entirely disagree. It already works, it is simple, and there really is no need to remove it. It already exists. It is not some complicated mess. If it was broken in some way, sure. There are a lot of programmers in different languages who use this syntax and it makes migration initially easier. It doesn't enter any bugs into the system. It is a fundamental part of the language already that is not broken in any way. No need to break code just because of bunch of expert programmers got together and wanted everyone else to change. I see a lot of challenges on here too "see if anyone can be smart enough to do this in the more Swifty way."