SQLite not updating with macOS

Hi all!

I have done a small wrapper to use the SQLite functions but I have a terrible issue now. I am creating a macOS software and there are two programs, the 1st is a terminal based only that read information from a sqlite table and the 2nd one have a GUI with only one ViewController.

Both softwares share my little wrapper and I can update the table correctly into the terminal version software, but the ViewController will fail. No error is returned but I get no update at all. I even copied the exact snippet from the 1st code to the second and it won't work. But I can select and read all need information on both.

I am really very confused now :( Any clue?

Well, after a deeper investigation I got the error of trying to write a read only database. The mistery remains as the 1st application can write to it, updating the required data. Also when I am running the application that gets the error the 1st application is closed.

It’s hard to say what’s going on here without more info (the best theory I have right now is that the app side of this equation is bumping up against the App Sandbox). Regardless, this is clearly not a problem with the Swift language, so it kinda off topic for Swift Forums. My recommendation is that you post your question over in the Core OS > Files and Storage area of DevForums and we can dig into it there.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

Thank you! I will reply the question there.