SPM Xcode project generation, test targets don't see modules (Xcode 9.3, Swift 4.1)

This was all working at Swift 4.0.3 and XCode 9.2, but now when I generate the Xcode project (from clean clone) and try to run the test target the import <> fails. Looking at the configuration from the test target it appears to be linking the correct binaries to make the module available so I'm somewhat at a loss to what the problem is.

If someone had the time to try it themselves they could clone: GitHub - SwiftStudies/OysterKit: OysterKit is a framework that provides a native Swift scanning, lexical analysis, and parsing capabilities. In addition it provides a language that can be used to rapidly define the rules used by OysterKit called STLR and checkout the enhancements/ut-coverage branch, generate the Xcode project and try and test either the OysterKit or STLR modules.

Thanks in advance for any clues!

The issue turned out to be a dumb mistake on my part. Missed a dependent target. Doh.

I have been going through the OysterKit Bork tutorial myself and have ran into two immediate problems:

  1. 'Testing the Grammar' section runs smoothly though the terminal. Although as soon as I generate an Xcode project, and where I am welcoming the player, I am unable to run the program to see these results. Do I run the program in the terminal or in Xcode and expect output in the console?

  2. I have been getting this error each time I try making the project. Have you encountered anything like it? Error:"Value of type 'HomogenousTree' has no member 'tokens'.

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That looks like my mistake not fixing following a refactoring. I'll take a look this afternoon and push an update but my guess is tokens is now children.

I've fixed the tutorial code in the repository: Bork Tutorial

As well as fixed issues with the Bork example repository itself.

Apologies that I had let this fall behind.

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Off topic, but strippingNewline defaults to true, so there's no reason to pass that argument explicitly.

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Good tip (less code is better code)... I'll update later.....


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I'm back. Something's gone wrong with the parser or something else. It won't see the Grail.swift file and the parser() within it. (Grail is the name of my Bork game). When I run swift mail.swift inside the /Grail/Sources/Grail directory I get this.

It cannot see the Grail.swift file and the parse(source: ) method inside it. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks!

Try regenerating the xcode project. Grail.swift may not be included in the target