SPM System Library target functions not seen by Swift

I'm trying to create a Swifified version of the allegro game library (```brew install pkg-config allegro``) and it feels like I'm almost there but I'm missing a crucial step as the functions of the library aren't visible from the Swift side.

The package can be found here: GitHub - SwiftStudies/Allegro: Swiftied version of the Allegro 5 C game library

I'm getting an error that al_init() is an unresolved identifier. This is the only error I get from the build process (everything else... finding headers etc seems to work fine now)

As a quick test I added a string constant to the c header for the system library target and that is found and builds fine (see Allegro.version in Allegro.swift).

What am I doing wrong?

It looks like al_init is a macro, not a real function. Swift only knows how to handle very simple macros at this time. However, you should be able to expand the macro yourself to handle this.


Oh thank you. It's been so long since I've done any C I had forgotten how you don't really know what anything is!

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A useful trick is looking at the swift interface of the C library by generating an Xcode project using swift package generate-xcodeproj.


I love that idea... but really dumb question... once in Xcode how do I do that? The generated project is excluding the c/h files, so I can't see them there... and the only "Product" is the final framework which doesn't expose any of these things...

What am I not seeing?

Forget it! Right click on the CAllegro import!

Thank you SO much... pro tip!!!

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