SPM BinaryTarget doesn't reconginze new binary with same name

In am having an issue while using binary target at path and name. I have a simple Swift Package for delivering binary. I have updated and regenerated my XCFramework removed the old one from the root folder and placed the new one in the root directory. When I consume the Swift Package it is fetching binary still from the old XCFramework. If I change the same of the XCFramework it then will fetch the proper binary. I have tried swift package clean/purge-cache/reset and I still am getting the same results. How can I update the binaryTarget with out changing the XCFramework name?

    targets: [
            name: "MYSDK",
            dependencies: ["MyBinary"]),
        .binaryTarget(name: "MyBinary", path: "MyBinary.xcframework")

Thank you,


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