Splitting Dictionary into Keys and Values

I want to separate a dictionary into an array of keys and an array of values, with the only condition that the order of each element in the arrays must agree.

So I would like to know if this is safe:

let dictionary = [4: "4", 5: "5", 8: "8"]
let keys = Array(dictionary.keys)
let values = Array(dictionary.values)

// keys = [5, 4, 8]
// values = ["5", "4", "8"]

Since Keys and Values seem to be backed by original Dictionary (or more precisely, its Variant) and so they share the same Collection.indices.
Though I'm unsure how future-proof this is.

If this is not safe, I would like to ask for a swift-y way to do it.

Yes, the base dictionary, its keys view, and its values view all iterate over the same indices in the same order, so they produce matching elements.

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