Spell checking

Spell checking in DocC, too much to ask for?

Also, I forgot to add Documentation.docc to the project, and when i ran Build documentation, the compiler crashed without giving much of an error message.

Spell checking is a responsibility that's better handled by the editor that you use to write your content.

For example, when editing one sometimes wants to ignore a certain spelling or add custom terminology as allowed spellings. If DocC was responsible for spell checking this configuration would need to go into your documentation catalog somewhere and it would need to be kept in sync with people's editors so that.

It's also common for spell checking to happen while typing but most DocC integrations only run DocC when specifically invoked. Documentation Preview in Xcode in one real time integration where spell checking could make more sense but if you're already using Xcode to write documentation then you can enable spell checking in the editor via

Edit > Format > Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling While Typing


A new issue on the Swift-DocC repo would likely be a better place to investigate a crash.

We're likely going to need some additional information to investigate this. With only this description I can't tell if it's the Swift compiler crashing while emitting symbol information or DocC crashing while processing the emitted symbol information.

Thanks. Noticed that it complains on some identifiers, but you can handle that as long as the documentation doesn't contain spelling errors.