Specifying a Swift Package Dependency in a Cocoapod .podspec file

Basically the title. Has anyone ever encountered themselves in a situation where you want to import a Swift Package dependency in to your cocoapod framework that you later distribute via Specs?

I can build my cocoapod project without any problems, its just that when I want to push my changes to the Podspec repo of a private cocoapod, it cannot see the SP dependency as it is not declared in the .podspec file (where Cocoapod dependencies appear). Maybe there are scripts to get around this?

Can you migrate the whole pod over to SPM? Maybe fork the project? Or is it not possible for some nob-technical reason?

That was my first idea, but the thing is that my pod needs to have an 'External Build System' target which is a Golang bridge of some Go scripts that are inside the Swift Package. SPM does not support having External Build System targets :(

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