SourceKit-LSP Preview in Toolchain Snapshots

A preview version of SourceKit-LSP is now included in the nightly toolchain downloads at for both Swift 5.1 Development and Trunk Development (master). While SourceKit-LSP is still under heavy development, we wanted to provide a more convenient way to try out SourceKit-LSP for anyone using the toolchains with an LSP-compatible editor. If that sounds like you, please give it a try!

Bugs can be filed on the Swift Bug Tracker in the “SourceKit-LSP” component, or we have a forum category if you need any help.

The downloads page includes instructions for installing the toolchain snapshots are at, and I have updated the instructions for getting started with SourceKit-LSP at to describe how to use it from a downloaded toolchain.


  • The SourceKit-LSP preview is included in
    • macOS, Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 toolchains
    • Trunk Development (master) snapshots August 12 and later
    • Swift 5.1 Development snapshots August 17 and later
  • SourceKit-LSP supports Swift packages built using the same toolchain as sourcekit-lsp is installed in
  • SourceKit-LSP supports LSP-compatible editors
    • Some editors, such as VSCode, require additional components to talk to an LSP server than just the server binary itself. These are not included in the toolchain. Our documentation contains more information about Editor Integration.
  • Bugs can be filed on the Swift Bug Tracker in the “SourceKit-LSP” component