SourceKit-LSP errors trying to find primary SourceFile

As of a commit sometime in the past week and a half or so, SourceKit-LSP now emits the following error when I open a file:

sourcekit: [1:operator(): 0.0000] did not find primary SourceFilesourcekit: [1:failed: 0.0000] sema annotations failed: did not find primary SourceFile

Perhaps it is worth noting that this does not occur for Package.swift files.

This occurs on snapshots 2018-12-07 and 2018-12-11 on Arch Linux.

Is this an issue on my end? If not, I can submit a bug report if desired.


Sounds like a bug. Please file on, component "SourceKit-LSP". Please try turning on logging with env SOURCEKIT_LOGGING=1 and include the output. I'm guessing there is something wrong with the compiler arguments we are computing.