Some gyb'd files are missing in the generated Xcode project

I filed a bug report on this about a month ago, but thought I'd post it here as well to reach a wider audience.

So far the only 2 missing files I noticed are TokenKinds.def and Attr.def under include/swift/AST/. My workaround is copying/dragging these files generated by a Ninja build into the Xcode project. This works as far as my own workflow is concerned.

I know Xcode has been deprecated for building the toolchain, but it's still supported as a source editor. Among all the IDEs that I've used, imo Xcode has the best search, code navigation, quick help, etc. It'd be a shame if the workflow involving it further degrades after the deprecation, driving more contributors to (imo) lesser alternatives.

Man, that name looks like it could use a rethink...

It's a typo; the correct name is "gyb" for "generate your boilerplate".

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I was really confused at first, and now I know I always had this typo in my brain: I always thought the extension was ".gyp" short for "generate your project" for some reason. (Maybe it was a mental portmanteau-like thing because gyb files are python files?) Thanks for pointing this out.