[Solved] Xcode autocomplete: is it possible to not skip parameters of optional type by default?

Suppose I have a struct Foo:

struct Foo {
    var x: Int
    var y: Int?

When I create an instance in the code, Xcode skips the y parameter by default when doing auto-completion. To include all parameters, I need to press "Option-Enter" instead.

I find this behavior can easily lead one to miss parameters when modifying a large amount of code. I wonder if there is some setting in Xcode to change the behavior? I googled but found nothing. It would also help if there is a third-party tool to list the function calls that don't contain complete parameters.

(Note: an obvious approach is to not specify default value for parameters of optional type, but I'd like to use the synthesized init() in the above case).

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You may take advantage of the peculiar feature that Int? and Optional<Int> are treated differently:

struct Foo {
    var x: Int
    var y: Optional<Int>

But then you'd need to always specify "y".

I'm not aware of Xcode setting to flip its "Option-Enter" autocomplete behaviour.


Thank you. I read about their difference in the forum a few days ago, but would never think of this approach if you didn't mention it.

That's what I thought.