[SOLVED] How can I change my forum username?

(Lily Ballard) #1

My username is @Kevin_Ballard. This name is no longer appropriate. It doesn't look like there's any way for me to change it. Can someone help me change it to something else?


Click your avatar in the top right corner of the website, then gear in the window that shows up, and then a pencil next to your username.

(Jarod Long) #3

It looks like usernames aren't editable -- there's no pencil icon next to the username when I edit my profile. Is that something we can enable?

(Lily Ballard) #4

@jarod is correct, I already updated my profile and Username was the one field that I was not allowed to edit. This is why I posted this question.

I can see that changing usernames may invalidate existing mentions (though in an ideal world, existing mentions would be rewritten to point at the new name), but I'm not terribly worried about that.



(Lily Ballard) #6

(Erik Little) #7

It's probably because your account was created via the mailing list import. I think you'd need to make a new account if you want a new username. Or just have a forum admin change it.

(Lily Ballard) #8

That's probably the difference. Surely a forum administrator could fix this for me though? Anyone know who the administrators are?

(Nicole Jacque) #9

Hi Lily, I just changed it for you :slight_smile:

(Lily Ballard) #10

Thank you!