Snapshot installers differ (possibly depending on CI build machine)

When downloading snapshots from - Download Swift the installers differ every now and then.

The installer for org.swift.3020180330a let me install "For this user only" and hence the toolchain ended up in ~/Library/Developer/Toolchains/ while the installer for org.swift.4220180331a didn't even give me that choice and asked for my admin password right away. Therefore the org.swift.4220180331a toolchain now resides in /Library/Developer/Toolchains

Could this be fixed, so that all toolchains can be installed without admin privileges?

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I also think that toolchains shouldn't require password unless there is a valid reason.

Can you please file a bug? I will look into this issue, all of the macOS toolchains should support installing at ~/Library/Developer/Toolchains/ .

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Done: [SR-7325] Some macOS toolchain snapshot packages require admin privileges · Issue #49873 · apple/swift · GitHub