Site is autocapitalizing topic titles even when it shouldn’t

Discourse tried to capitalize “lldb” to “Lldb” which is of course wrong. Inserting a backslash does not help. Can this be turned off?

Form a sentence that does not start with lldb.

Not particularly helpful advice. I wish a lot of these “convenience” features would be disabled. I noticed the other day that someone tried to write that something was like C++ and the forum turned it into C++-like for some reason.


Bizarre escaping bug encountered when I tried to post this: If you write “C++-like” twice in your post, then try to escape the “-” to stop it from combining with the “+”, you need to escape it in both instances for it to work in either.

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Another fun one is when the forum auto“correct”s two periods into an ellipsis. So when someone writes “a..<b”, it shows up as “a…<b”.

Of course, using backticks makes it appear correctly as “a..<b”, but as soon as someone *quotes* that, the quoted version looks like “a..<b”.

…and if the person doing the quoting realizes this and tries to fix it by adding backticks, then it becomes “a..&lt;b”. A real mess all around.

Personally, I think we should remove all “autocorrect” from the forum. There must be a way to do that, right @Nicole_Jacque and @sam.saffron?

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Edit: Okay, this is even weirder. I am going to write a line in backticks, then immediately after it the exact same line by itself without backticks:

“a.\.<b” and “a..<b”

“a..<b” and “a..<b”

See what happened? It ignored my use of a backslash. If I just write the first part, “a.\.<b” becomes “a..<b”, and it respects the backslash. But as soon as I add a second occurrence of two consecutive dots in the same *paragraph* (like, if I wrote “..” here without a backslash) then it changes *both* of them to use ellipses…even though I explicitly put a backslash in the middle of the first one to prevent that!


this is so helpful

Glad i could help.

Yeah, this sounds like the same behaviour I described above with C++-like. Must be an interesting implementation if escaping in entirely separate words affects all escaping behaviour. Testing some more, you need to escape all instances of autocorrecting behaviour (try mixing “C++-like” and “a..<b” and removing/inserting the backslashes) for any of them to work. Even if it wasn't very buggy, it doesn't seem useful, like the auto-capitalised titles.


@Nicole_Jacque I just disabled enable markdown typographer here (feel free to roll it back if I made the wrong call) ... it means that all the "prettification" of text like turning " to curly quotes and .. to ellipsis is disabled.

I think it is a safer default for a code heavy forum.

Recently our team member Regis improved the quoting piece to retain formatting which also helps here.



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