Simply fork the Spinner package and change its Rainbow dependency to 4.0.0 newest major version, now get Spinner type func not found but those func's are definitely there

This is what I get for four of the Spinner func:

Value of type 'Spinner' has no member 'updateText'

both compile inside Xcode or with swift build

If I cmd-click to open the Spinner source, those functions are there.

My project is here in GitHub

Please help me figure why functions that exist the compiler cannot find?

From the same Spinner class, I can call .start() and .stop(), those other not found functions are right there in the same place.

For context, this is a continuation of the other thread here

To be fair, I never used the word 'simply'!

Major changes in version of packages mean that the API has breaking changes. See Semantic Versioning. You have changed from Spinner v1.x to v2.x

You can see from the release notes in Spinner v2 that text has has been changed to message.

The updateText() function has therefore been removed from Spinner in v2

It looks as if after v2 there is instead a message() function to alter the message property:

Similarly - you also need to change succeed() to success() and error() to failure()