SIGTRAP in swift_conformsToSwiftProtocolImpl

Xcode 13b1

Update: Nevermind, my network Combine chain had a .breakpoint() operator in it, which seems arbitrary in where it dumps you in the debugger.

I'm running into something I don't understand. While executing some code I just wrote, Xcode stops in the debugger with SIGTRAP on a mov instruction, but I can continue execution apparently without issue, and the code seems to produce the desired result.

Unfortunately, when not run in the debugger, it just crashes.

The stack looks like this:

#0	0x00007fff2ffa41a0 in swift_conformsToSwiftProtocolImpl(swift::TargetMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetProtocolDescriptor<swift::InProcess> const*, llvm::StringRef) ()
#1	0x00007fff2ffa4006 in swift_conformsToProtocolImpl(swift::TargetMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetProtocolDescriptor<swift::InProcess> const*) ()
#2	0x00007fff2ff7413a in swift::_conformsToProtocol(swift::OpaqueValue const*, swift::TargetMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetProtocolDescriptorRef<swift::InProcess>, swift::TargetWitnessTable<swift::InProcess> const**) ()
#3	0x00007fff2ff77967 in _conformsToProtocols(swift::OpaqueValue const*, swift::TargetMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetExistentialTypeMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetWitnessTable<swift::InProcess> const**) ()
#4	0x00007fff2ff76d45 in _dynamicCastToExistential(swift::OpaqueValue*, swift::OpaqueValue*, swift::TargetMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetExistentialTypeMetadata<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::DynamicCastFlags) ()
#5	0x00007fff2fd0d9b8 in _debugPrint_unlocked<τ_0_0, τ_0_1>(_:_:) ()
#6	0x00007fff2fda8261 in specialized _debugPrint<τ_0_0>(_:separator:terminator:to:) ()
#7	0x00007fff2fc758c9 in Array.description.getter ()
#8	0x00007fff2fca13ea in DefaultStringInterpolation.appendInterpolation<τ_0_0>(_:) ()
#9	0x0000000104e7c2e9 in closure #2 in MySavedItems.load() at MySavedItems.swift:48
#10	0x0000000104e7c5da in thunk for @escaping @callee_guaranteed (@guaranteed MySavedItemsQuery.Response) -> () ()
#11	0x00007fff4b9f0dd6 in Subscribers.Sink.receive(_:) ()
#12	0x00007fff4b9f14d0 in protocol witness for Subscriber.receive(_:) in conformance Subscribers.Sink<τ_0_0, τ_0_1> ()
#13	0x00007fff4ba264e7 in closure #1 in Publishers.ReceiveOn.Inner.receive(_:) ()
#25	0x0000000104ac3188 in static UIApplicationDelegate.main() ()
#26	0x0000000104ac3117 in static AppDelegate.$main() at …/AppDelegate.swift:10
#27	0x0000000104ac3208 in main ()
#28	0x00007fff2025a3e9 in start ()
#29	0x00007fff2025a3e9 in start ()

The particular section of code leading up to the line on which it stops:

    0x7fff2ffa418e <+238>: callq  0x7fff2ffa4650            ; ConformanceState::cacheSuccess(void const*, swift::TargetProtocolDescriptor<swift::InProcess> const*, swift::TargetProtocolConformanceDescriptor<swift::InProcess> const*)
    0x7fff2ffa4193 <+243>: movq   -0x50(%rbp), %rbx
    0x7fff2ffa4197 <+247>: addq   $0x4, %r12
    0x7fff2ffa419b <+251>: cmpq   %r12, %r14
    0x7fff2ffa419e <+254>: je     0x7fff2ffa4150            ; <+176>
->  0x7fff2ffa41a0 <+256>: movslq (%r12), %r15

And my code:

		 let q = MySavedItemsQuery()
		let pub = try! client.perform(query: q)
			.receive(on: DispatchQueue.main)
			.sink { inCompletion in
					switch (inCompletion) {
						case .failure(let e):
							debugLog("Failure: \(e)")
						case .finished:
				receiveValue: { inResp in
					let listings = inResp.listings
					let count = listings.count
					debugLog("\(count) listings: \(listings)")         <----- Error occurs here
					if self.listings == nil {
						self.listings = inResp.listings
					} else {
						self.listings!.append(contentsOf: inResp.listings ?? [])
			.store(in: &self.subs)

MySavedItemsQuery is a struct that conforms to WNQuery:

	associatedtype Response : Unmarshaling
	var body: String { get }
	var variables: [String:Any] { get }
	static func parseResponse(object inObj: MarshaledObject) throws -> Response

and it defines Response as

struct MySavedItemsQuery : WNQuery {
	struct Response {
		let listings			:	[Listing]
		let pageInfo			:	PageInfo

extension MySavedItemsQuery.Response : Unmarshaling {
    //  Unmarshaling conformance

I'm at a loss. Something about my protocol conformance?

Ugh, I think I know what it is. In my client object, which uses Combine to fetch data using URLSession, I had a breakpoint() operator. It seems to be inconsistent about where the SIGTRAP occurs. I'll file a bug with Apple.

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