Should the 5.0 branch currently report a language version of at least 5.0?

I'm working on the implementation of a change that would go into Swift 5. It appears that the following check is failing:

 if (cs.getTypeChecker().getLangOpts().isSwiftVersionAtLeast(5)) {
   // Do something

So it appears that the compiler does not believe that the Swift version is at least 5 on the swift-5.0-branch. Is that expected? Is there a better way to be checking for the Swift language version?

The compiler has not yet been bumped to Swift 5 yet. The same is on master.

Note also that you're checking the effective language version, which takes into account compatibility mode versions. Therefore, passing the option -swift-version 5 will allow the check to succeed even though the compiler version hasn't been bumped yet.

That's true. It does mean, however, that my tests are failing because I'm writing them under the expectation of Swift 5 behavior. Is there a better way to handle this? It seems like most of the SILGen tests, at least, are just operating on the latest standard version of Swift.

Does passing -swift-version 5 to your tests not solve the problem? e.g (from generic_casts.swift):

// RUN: %target-swift-emit-silgen -swift-version 5 -module-name generic_casts -Xllvm -sil-full-demangle -enable-sil-ownership %s | %FileCheck --check-prefix=CHECK --check-prefix=CHECK-%target-runtime %s

It's worth noting that currently tests by default use -swift-version 4, so even if the compiler version were bumped, you would still need to pass -swift-version 5 to test a Swift 5 mode specific change.

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Ah, I see. I hadn't seen how to update the swift-version on a test-by-test basis. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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No worries, sorry I should have provided an example (just edited to provide one that'll hopefully be of use to someone else).

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