Should libcurl and libxml be removed from Swift Docker slim images?

Since FoundationXML and FoundationNetworking have been created, should we now remove libcurl and libxml from the slim variant of the official Docker images?


FoundationNetworking is based on curl and FoundationXML on libxml2. Removing the libraries would break anything using Foundation.

@compnerd It should only "break" using those two "submodules" of Foundation, if you don't install the dependencies yourself, right?

In hindsight, I see the main point though: Foundation is part of the Swift toolchain, and the Docker images should support the entire toolchain's runtime.

Correct on both counts. It is quite common to use those submodules, and plutil is a perfect example. That tool, which is part of Foundation, requires FoundationXML and thus would not function.

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