Should Accessor Macros declarations require a names argument to synthesize getters and setters?

Hi! I've been experimenting with an accessor macro to synthesize a getter and setter on an arbitrary property. Things are working fine for me with this declaration:

  public macro PropertyMacroGetterAndSetter(...)

According to the Swift Book documentation on the attached attribute:[1]:

The peer, member, and accessor macro roles require a names: argument, listing the names of the symbols that the macro generates.

Which seems to imply that an attached attribute on an accessor macro should fail to synthesize a getter and setter (assuming I have not explicitly specified the names).

If I try:

@attached(accessor, names: named(get))
  public macro PropertyMacroGetterAndSetter(...)

I am still getting my getter and setter synthesized… which is weird (because I only specify get but this does not block me on synthesizing a set). Is swift-syntax not respecting those names being passed? Is @attached(accessor) the legit declaration (and the documentation that tells us names must be passed is out-of-date)?

Here is a simple patch diff on swift-syntax that shows this in action:

diff --git a/Examples/Sources/MacroExamples/Interface/ComplexMacros.swift b/Examples/Sources/MacroExamples/Interface/ComplexMacros.swift
index da160c99..e4e82d29 100644
--- a/Examples/Sources/MacroExamples/Interface/ComplexMacros.swift
+++ b/Examples/Sources/MacroExamples/Interface/ComplexMacros.swift
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
 @attached(member, names: named(_storage))
 public macro DictionaryStorage() = #externalMacro(module: "MacroExamplesImplementation", type: "DictionaryStorageMacro")
+@attached(accessor, names: named(get))
 public macro DictionaryStorageProperty() =
   #externalMacro(module: "MacroExamplesImplementation", type: "DictionaryStoragePropertyMacro")

  1. Documentation ↩︎

From what I know the @attached(accessor) declaration is permissible.

It is possible that the documentation is out-of-date or just contains an error.

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There is an accessor macro in swift-syntax macro examples which implements setter and getter but doesn't specify names parameter in its declaration. Not sure if it's intentional.

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