Server APIs Project - next steps

Since announcing the Server APIs project and work group only one week ago
we seen a considerable amount of early interest. There are now over 30
people signed up in addition to the steering team, and some health
discussion has started on the mailing list.

One question that's been raised more than once is: Ok, there's a project
page and a work group, but what happens next?

The Server APIs Project pages outlined three initial focus areas: Base
Networking, Security and Encryption, and HTTP and WebSockets. For each of
these areas we'll be forming a sub-team whose initial task is to building
a Swift Evolution "Pitch". This means collating requirements from the
community around function, capability, and usage models, alongside
evaluating available technologies like C libraries that could be used to
help implement low level function, or existing Swift packages that ideas
could be borrowed from, to form a high level sketch of the capabilities
that the APIs would implement and an overview of how they would be
implemented. Based on feedback from the community, the iterative process
of prototyping and development can then begin. The Development Process is
documented in more detail on the Server APIs Project page on

Over the next few days we'll start to schedule kick-off meetings for each
of the sub-teams. We'll be using Doodle polls to try to schedule a time
that works for most participants. Obviously what ever day/time it ends up
being, there will be some people that cannot make it - don't worry though,
we'll be publishing the agenda (along with a request for agenda items) and
a full set of minutes on GitHub.