September 3rd, 2021 Special Update

We are happy to announce the following changes to the SSWG:

Adam Fowler (@adam-fowler) is joining the workgroup as the first non-corporate associated member. Adam is known for his prolific work on the Soto library, Hummingbird server framework, and contributions to related technologies such as AsyncHTTPClient.

Fabian Fett (@fabianfett) from Apple will be taking over Johannes Weiss (@weissi) seat. Fabian has been involved in several key Swift server projects including: AWS Lambda Runtime, PostgresNIO, Linux JSON serialization, and AsyncHTTPClient. Johannes is changing roles at Apple and will continue to work on Swift server in his new role and participate in our community.

Patrick Freed (@patrick) is joining the workgroup as the second member from MongoDB. Patrick works on the Swift driver for MongoDB and has interest in advancing the state of Swift server tooling, which is a focus area this year.

Iā€™d like to use this opportunity to thank Johannes for his leadership over the years, and welcome Patrick, Fabian, and Adam to the group.


Thank you Johannes and welcome Adam, Fabian and Patrick! :partying_face:


Congrats to everyone and a big thanks to @johannesweiss for all his work over the past years!


Excited to be on board, thanks for having me!


Congrats, @adam-fowler ! A fantastic choice for the group.

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Thank you Michael.

I'm very pleased to be a member and am looking forward to help continue the good work of the group.

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