September 29, 2021


Action items

Carry over

  • GH actions @0xTim to carry over
    • Work has started
    • Currently working on best way to use SPM cache with GitHub actions
    • Maybe there could be an example repo for next meeting
  • Swift Async Guide
  • Discussing features of potential tool to handle swift installations:
    • @tomerd to reach out to Ted about next steps
    • Open questions: What are the features we want to have?
    • @adam-fowler and @patrick will drive design doc.
      • Use the correct installer for the platform. Use deb/rpm.
      • Swift dependencies should be handled by deb/rpm.
      • (Advanced) Move between different Swift versions easily.
      • Architect in a way where other tools could be added later. Like swiftformat and swiftlint

New action item

Todays topics

  • Vapor plans to pitch JWTKit
    • Goal is to not bring another copy of BoringSSL and depend solely on SwiftCrypto.
    • Lack of x.509 certificates might be an issue.
      • @tomerd mention that there might be ways around this problem
  • Vapor plans to extend the Crypto supported range. Technically this would be a breaking change. Discussion is up on the Swift forums.
  • A forum post on stack corruption issues in Swift 5.5 has appeared.
  • Swift 5.5 performance improvements
  • Swift Server SEO problems
    • a search for "Swift HTTP server" does not return the popular swift on server web frameworks.
    • The framework authors will look into this.
  • AsyncHTTPClient 1.6.0 was released