September 28th 2022


Previous meeting items

Action Items


Plugin Thread

  • @ktoso - evolved into the plugin request thread
  • Versioning and packaging are possible good contenders
  • Sourcery, SwiftLint etc
  • SSWG is not limited to libraries so we can suggest plugins are pitched to the incubation process, or do a CTA
  • Benchmarking is a great one to start with, suggest it’s pitched
  • @tomerd to chase up SwiftLint plugin author for pitching

HTTP Types for Middleware

  • @ktoso says what we have is good enough, can proceed as it’s not being blocked at the moment
  • @adam-fowler says NIO needs to take these types to be adopted by the server


  • @kmahar chasing up
  • @tomerd - good news is that the core team are happy with the concept, a few things to tweak
  • Queries around the formatting due to historical reasons - if there’s a strong preference for formatting then maybe Swift should kick that hornets nest again. :a: @tomerd to create PR for tweaks
  • Might need to go through the corporate survey tool - :a: @tomerd to chase up

Tracing and Logging

  • Tracing is back on - logging integration is the last bit of work
  • Proposal and PR are now out
  • Looks like it’s shaping up nicely

Perhaps add sswg-meeting-notes label to this post?

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Have done, thanks!

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