Sept 2nd, 2020



=> Vote on SSWG-0015: Swift Service Lifecycle: accepted unanimously at Sandbox level

=> The team discussed feedback from the community regarding clarity around the incubation process. For example, incorporating feedback from author. The team decided to learn more individually & discuss potential changes to the process next meeting

=> Package maturity review:

  • AynscHTTPClient - move to Graduated
  • Metrics API - move to Incubating
  • Postgres - move to Incubating
  • Redis - stay in Sandbox
  • APNS - move to Incubating
  • Statsd - stay in Sandbox
  • Promethous - stay in Sandbox
  • gRPC Swift - stay in Sandbox
  • SwiftCrypto - move to Incubating
    • A bit different since API is tied Apple / CryptoKit, we may want to reconsider an exception on next review if no 2nd organization steps up
  • OpenAPIKit - stay in Sandbox
  • AWS Lambda - stay at Sandbox
  • Backtrace - stay at Incubating (to be solved at language level)
  • MongoDB - stay at Sandbox

@tomerd to update index accordingly

=> @kmahar proposed change to process regarding branch names accepted unanimously

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