Sept 16th, 2020




@tomerd Review and approve publish previous notes
@tanner0101 Action item - create forum post - Discuss Crypto needs beyond Swift Crypto

=> The team discussed improving clarity of the incubation levels. For example, comparing with other OSS programs, in context of the SSWG guiding principles and currently documented process and terminology.

  • Distinction between the phases (Proposal, Sandbox, Incubation…) - names and details
  • CI, Test requirements
  • Forward-looking expectations wrt API stability. Add guidance to add support model/migration document (recommend that projects have one)
  • Error handling (add links to best practice examples)
  • Add links to recommended code style examples
  • Add recommendation on minimal use of lint and formatting (like tooling)
  • Longevity (how to make more inclusive) and team size. Recognizing different projects are at different stages of change velocity. Consider focusing on community communication flow (e.g. are topics being raised in the forums and addressed?)
  • Security best practices (leave as-is)
  • Licensing (consider other similarly permissive licenses? List which are OK)
  • Now that there are more Linux choices, consider being more prescriptive wrt what is required

Follow-up items

  • Review license options with CNCF contacts @tomerd
  • Turn discussion items into a change proposal @tomerd
  • Review proposal with @johannesweiss
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