Sending [...] risks causing data races and Metal completion handlers

I've run into an issue where I know a variable can be safely sent, as it's been declared locally and I'm attempting to send it on the completion handler of the only block of code that writes to it, but I can't think of an elegant way to inform the compiler of it:

func drawToTexture() {
    // 'texture' here is is self-isolated and non-Sendable
    let texture: any MTLTexture = createMTLTexture()

    // Metal related stuff to render into 'texture'...
    renderInto(texture, using: commandBuffer)
    // Do something with 'texture' once rendering is finished:
    commandBuffer.addCompletedHandler {
        doSomethingWithTexture(texture) // ERROR: Sending 'texture' risks causing data races...

Here 'texture' is created locally and never stored, so I believe it's safe to use once rendering has finished (ie when the completion handler is called). How should I annotate the above code to silence the error? I can only think of workarounds :thinking: