Semantic Versions for 5.3

Several packages in the Swift namespace have no semantic versions that work with Swift 5.3 yet.

May I request that those with the necessary access create them?

I have toyed with pointing at branches, and these appear to be the only necessary changes:

  1. llbuild
    1. create version 0.3.0 at swift-5.3-RELEASE
  2. SwiftPM (@abertelrud?)
    1. start at swift-5.3-RELEASE
    2. specify dependencies
      • llbuild 0.3.0
      • swift-tools-support-core 0.1.10
    3. create version 0.7.0
  3. SwiftSyntax (@akyrtzi?)
    1. create version 0.50300.0 at swift-5.3-RELEASE
  4. swift-format (@allevato?)
    1. start at swift-5.3-branch
    2. specify dependencies
      • SwiftSyntax 0.50300.0
    3. create version 0.50300.0

Apologies if you have already started.


This is done :+1:


swift-format 0.50300.0 is now up.


For the remaining repositories, I have tagged 0.50300.0 in some stub forks (llbuild, swift‐package‐manager) which anyone can use until the official repositories have tags of their own.

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