Semantic Version for SwiftPM on Swift 5.1

Can we get a semantic version tagged that works with Swift 5.1?

Calling on one of the code owners: @Aciid, @abertelrud, @ddunbar

The swift-5.1-RELEASE tags of SwiftPM and llbuild seem to be in working order. They build fine as dependencies in SwiftPM, directly in Xcode and with a generated Xcode project, and all my client tests so far are passing using each method. (I haven’t been able to run every test yet due to separate issues with the SwiftSyntax package.)


SwiftSyntax has been straightened out and absolutely everything is passing now.

In the meantime, I tagged 0.50100.0 on a fork.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll do this now.

This is done:

Thanks again to you and your team for all your hard work!

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