Segmentation fault: 11 - Accessing actor's immutable let from outside a module

Hi, i'm using Xcode 13.1, I was epxerimenting with Actors in Swift Concurrency and during testing this statement:

From outside a module, immutable let s must be referenced asynchronously from outside the actor.

from this document: proposal-0306

I created Swift Package with simple Actor inside:

public actor TestActor {
    public let name: String = "Muniek"
    public var age: Int = 20
    public init() {

Then used this package in Xcode project:

    let testActor = TestActor() // Actor from other module 'MyTestPackage'
    func testFunc() async {
        // age - var property
        print(await testActor.age) // OK
        // name - let property
        print(await // Segmentation fault: 11

Building this project ends with fail Segmentation fault: 11

Can you build it on the commandline with swift build and show the output? It might be one of the silgen regressions that were introduced with Swift 5.5, e.g., [SR-14988] Regression: Swift 5.5 compiler crashes during SILGEN (5.4 ok) - Swift

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