Seeking Guidance on Making My First Contribution

Hello Swift community!

I am looking to make my first contribution to Swift Package Manager. I would like to know the correct way of contributing. From what I gather the process looks like this:

  1. Choose an issue.
  2. Check for comments or activity indicating that someone has been working on an issue and if so, see if they still are actively working on it.
  3. Pick up the issue and indicate you are working on it in an issue comment.
  4. Provide progress updates such a a WIP Pull Request.

I am looking to start with this issue. Since there are no comments, is it fine for me to comment that I would like to pick it up and begin?

Also, are there any specific resources, guides, or documentation you'd recommend for someone like me who's new to contributing to Swift Package Manager?

Thank you!



thanks for looking to contribute to SwiftPM!

I would suggest looking at our contribution guide for info on how to set up your development environment, how to run the tests, etc.

The issue you linked is fairly large, we recently were thinking of it as a Google Summer of Code project and it would also likely need a Swift evolution proposal, so probably a bit much for your very first issue. You can find some issues that are tagged as good ones to start with here, but generally speaking it is fine to pick up anything using the process you suggested.