SE code-only links to Swift Evolution proposal files

Are there any working links to Swift evolution proposal docs that use just the XXXX or SE-XXXX code without any postfix?

For example, the SE github repo has a file as follows:

But what I need is a way to link to it using just the code, since I have information tagged by SE code. So I'd like some URL template I can just insert 0406 into and have a working link (I guess it would redirect to full URL above).

Does anything like this exist?

(I can't find any category that seems to exactly fit this question so this place seems best, apologies if it's the wrong place)

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Thanks! That takes me to a page where I have to click a link to get to the actual details. Any idea if there's a way to directly link please?

For now I've just made a quick solution for myself by putting a redirect into a page on github pages, like so:

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Thanks for bringing this up @alexhunsley. I’ve submitted an issue to the repository with this request.

Please feel free to comment in the issue with any additional feedback or requirements.

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