SE-0351 (second review): Regex Builder DSL

Hi everyone. The second review of SE-0351: Regex Builder DSL begins now and runs through July 14th, 2022.

This second revision of the proposal incorporates feedback from the first review, as well as some updates from the proposal authors.

A summary of the updates since the first review:


  • Capture now takes throwing closures
  • Rename Output associated type to RegexOutput
  • Define primary associated type for RegexComponent
  • Introduce a One type for disambiguating components from modifiers


  • Clarify that RegexComponent and Regex: RegexComponent will be in the stdlib, not in RegexBuilder module.
  • Flesh out detailed design, driven by example, moving API definition to a collapsible section. This is so that the complex result builder machinery doesn't obscure the API design.
  • Add alternative considered section about unifying Capture and TryCapture.

A full diff can be found here

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Ben Cohen
Review Manager


There is a discrepancy between SE-0351 and SE-0363 in how anchorsMatchLineEndings is defined


  /// This anchor is equivalent to `^` in regex syntax when the `m` option
  /// has been enabled or `anchorsMatchLineEndings(true)` has been called.
  public static var startOfLine: Anchor { get }


This option applies only to anchors used in regex syntax. The anchors defined in RegexBuilder are specific about matching at the start/end of the input or the line, and therefore are not affected by this option.

Last time I checked the behavior defined in SE-0363 was not implemented.


What is the discrepancy? They seem to be saying the same thing: .startOfLine matches at the start of a line. The literal equivalent is /(?m:^)/ or /^/.anchorsMatchLineEndings(true).

This is a bug, I opened Issue 571

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After reading it back a couple of times, I agree the intended meaning is the same.

  /// This anchor is equivalent to `^` in regex syntax when the `m` option
  /// has been enabled or `anchorsMatchLineEndings(true)` has been called.
  public static var startOfLine: Anchor { get }

On the first read what was confusing: one could not call anchorsMatchLineEndings() inside a textual regex, so you have to call anchorsMatchLineEndings() in regex builder for it to be equivalent to textual ^. Which was observed in the currently released swift compiler.

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Review Conclusion

The proposal has been accepted.