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I am the novice programmer and i want to learn through practicing. I want to solve the real world problems. I want to study different problem statements with descriptions. Kindly give me the projects.

You might have more luck if you gave us some hints as to what sort of problems you’re interesting in. Swift is used in a number of different contexts, including:

  • App development on Apple platforms (macOS, iOS, and so on)

  • Server development

  • Teaching

  • Machine learning

If you’re primarily interesting in app development, that covers a huge range of technologies and so it’d be good to include some further hints as to your interests.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

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I am interested in iOS application development. I want to create any type of applications and solve any kind of problems for example medical, financial, entertainment apps etc

I am interested in iOS application development.

That’s still pretty broad. I think your best option here would be to get a handle on the topic in general and then specialise from there. In terms of stuff from Apple, I’m a big fan of the Introducing SwiftUI tutorial. However, there are lots of third-party resources that you might prefer. I’m not super familiar with third-party offerings, but the one that I see regularly recommended is the course from Standford. To find it, search the ’net for Stanford iOS app development course.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

I am interested in unpaid internship. I want to create any application. Kindly give me any project and i will work on that project. I want to create an application on my own.

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