RxSwift Community analogue for Swift Combine

Is there something like RxSwift Community for Swift Combine and if not, maybe we should create one?

I think this sounds like an excellent idea to gather community extensions.

Has anyone here participated in RxSwift Community and could provide any insights into what works well, what doesn't?

What is that? I can’t find anything there that explains the purpose.

This is a GitHub organization that manages several repos with a different type of extensions to RxSwift. There is a lot of useful stuff here, for instance, Rx extensions for Alamofire and AVFoundation.
My proposal was to create something similar for Combine.

Well, I've decided to take a chance and create one by myself. So if anyone interested, please join me https://github.com/combine-community. If anyone has experience with managing GitHub communities or just wants to collaborate please contact me via dskgithub@icloud.com and I invite you to the community.

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