Running multiple test targets in parallel

Xcode makes it very easy to run tests inside of a target in parallel, but there appears to be no way to take a scheme that has multiple test targets and run them in parallel. Am I missing something?

Does xcodebuild or some open source tool provide the ability to do this?

Some background to my problem: Working on a highly modular app using cocoapods, we have many static frameworks with test specs. I've created an auto generated host app that takes all of the local podspecs and includes them in a podfile, with their test specs. This solved the first major issue in that we can build once (instead of once per module). There are 2000+ tests and close to ~60 modules currently. Each module is pretty small, so running the tests for most modules it takes longer for xctest to do it's setup and teardown than it does to actually run the tests.

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