Run Swift on AL2 device


I've been trying to follow the instructions mentioned in - Download Swift for downloading and setting up Swift on an AL2 machine. For start, the part for installing dependencies, there are two of them that fail to be installed: libsqlite and libedit.

And this would result in getting following error message when running any swift command:

$ swift --version
swift: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is there anything I'm missing or need to setup first to be able to install those dependencies?

CC @tomerd / @varland

@drexin I think you have looked into this in the past?

I can't reproduce this. I tried with the most recent AL2 docker image and everything works as expected.

@maniramezan What error do you get from yum when trying to install libsqlite and libedit?

@drexin Thanks for the reply. Following is the message that I get:

% sudo yum install libsqlite
No package libsqlite available.
Error: Nothing to do

I think you are right. However, at looks like libsqlite3 is installed on the system by default. Could you check by running ls /usr/lib64 | grep sqlite? libtinfo is also installed on my system by default.

I could run ls /usr/lib64 | grep sqlite and found the following list: was already in there also