RFC: Multiple Trailing Closures One Year Later

So this feature is now older the one year (I count from the pitch and the discussion date not from the actual release date). I would like to ask the community about the adoption of this feature in their code bases.

Have you adopted / used 'multiple trailing closures'?

  • I am using it.
  • I am using it but I wish we had the optional first label.
  • I only tried it out.
  • I would use it if it would allow to explicitly use the first closure's label.
  • I am not using it at all.
  • Never heard of it.

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Feel free to also leave more detailed feedback down thread or suggest for better poll options.


I don't have any functions that take more than one closure in my codebase

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What’s the point in voting?

I remember it was a fairly controversial moment in the history of Swift Evolution. To risk a rematch wouldn’t be particularly healthy for the community unless there was some good intention.

Plain curiosity and maybe a potential signal to revive the discussion for an optional label for the first closure. My intention is not to undo anything, but to potentially extend this feature as IIRC the first closure's label wasn't fully ruled out if it would be made optional.

And to be clear with everyone else. This thread should not tolerate or welcome any toxicity around this topic. The intention is just to have a normal and productive conversation with the active community members.

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