[Returned for revision] SE-0329: Clock, Instant, Date, and Duration

Hello, Swift community.

The first review of SE-0329: Clock, Instant, Date, and Duration has concluded. After reviewing the feedback, the core team has reached two conclusions:

  • This is a significant problem which is appropriate to address in Swift's standard library.
  • There are significant aspects of the concrete proposal which many people in the Swift community don't approve of. These include the type name Date and its default serialization behavior, technical details involving leap seconds, the implication of leap seconds on the design of certain APIs, and a few other things.

The proposal authors have agreed to start new discussions on these topics, and SE-0329 is thus returned for revision. The core team has not elected to ask for specific changes or accept specific parts of the proposal; essentially, SE-0329 is back in the pitch phase.

These discussions will be started in early December so that community members (including the authors and myself) won't feel pressured to remain closely engaged with the forums during the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. For similar reasons, I will be closing both this thread and the review thread; I promise there will still be time to discuss chronology in a week or so.

John McCall
Review Manager

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