[Returned for revision] SE-0320: Coding of non String / Int keyed Dictionary into a KeyedContainer

The review for SE-0320 concluded and the core team decided to return the proposal for minor revisions.

The feedback from the review was positive, and members of the community suggested several improvements that the author and core team felt would be good to adopt:

  1. Adding conformance for String and Int to CodingKeyRepresentable which will allow the natural use of String and Int keys when CodingKeyRepresentable is used as a generic constraint.
  2. Make the initializer of the CodingKeyRepresentable protocol be generic.
  3. Provide default implementations for the conformance for RawRepresentable (with String and Int raw values).
  4. Make the initializers of the internal _DictionaryCodingKey non-failable.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Tom Doron,
Review Manager

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