[Returned for revision] SE-0314 "AsyncStream and AsyncThrowingStream"

Hello Swift community,

The review of SE-0314 "AsyncStream and AsyncThrowingStream" has concluded. The Core Team has decided to return the proposal for revision to address some concerns brought up in the review:

  • Lack of support for back pressure. The AsyncStream/AsyncThrowingStream types themselves don't support back pressure.
  • Unlimited buffer size by default: Async(Throwing)Stream default to having an unlimited buffer, although one can set a fixed buffer size (such that the oldest values will be dropped if the limit is hit) on creation.
  • AsyncThrowingStream doesn't support typed errors: the other concurrency-related types we've introduced (task handles, task groups) have followed the precedent set by Result in having a typed error, even though the language throws mechanism doesn't support it. AsyncThrowingStream doesn't have a type for the error.

Because Juneteenth weekend is starting tomorrow, June 18, for many U.S. developers, I will schedule the next review to begin next Monday, June 21. The authors have already provided an update for the second review.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the review!


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