[Returned for revision] SE-0305: Package Manager Binary Target Improvements

The review of SE-0305: Package Manager Binary Target Improvements has concluded and the core team has returned it for revision .

The feedback to idea of extending SwiftPM to support new kind of binary targets, in conjunction with the plugin system proposed in SE-0303 was positive. However, given SE-0303 was returned to review, as well as feedback from reviewers requesting additional details on the structure suggested on SE-0305, the core team decided to ask that SE-0305 is refined along side SE-0303.


The proposal is great but I think, if it wasn't discussed yet, that SPM needs to add a new command to generate the binary artifact.

The actual way of generating XCFramework with CI/CD is by using the generate-xcodeproj and there are some discussions related to the depreciation of this command and the loss of support of compiling XCFramework through that command.

So when developing binary SPM libraries, developers will need to create two libraries: one that contains the code and the second one that is only used to distribute the binary target. So, by that being said, I think that when in the release process, we may be able to execute some command over terminal swift package generate-artifact to obtain the compiled source code and ship that over the distribution library (a repo or web host).

I think that we can add some arguments to that command to customize the build process, just sharing an idea...

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