[Returned for revision] SE-0200: "Raw" mode string literals

Hello Swift community,

The review of SE-0200: “Raw” mode string literals ran from March 16…26, 2018. The proposed is returned for revision, and should be further discussed as a pitch to coalesce further before coming up for review again.

During the review discussion, a few issues surfaced with the proposal, including:

  • The proposed r"..." syntax didn’t fit well with the rest of the language. The most-often-discussed replacement was #raw("..."), but the Core Team felt more discussion (as a pitch) is necessary.

  • The proposal itself leans heavily on regular expressions as a use case for raw string literals. Several reviewers remarked that the motivation wasn’t strong enough to justify the introduction of new syntax in the language, so a revised proposal will need additional motivating examples in other domains.

    Thank you,

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