[Returned for Revision #2] SE-0293: Extend Property Wrappers to Function and Closure Parameters

The second review of SE-0293: Extend Property Wrappers to Function and Closure Parameters concluded and the core team has returned it for revision .

The improvements from the first draft are significant and addressed all of the concerns from the first round of core team feedback. Community feedback was very positive, including a number of useful discussions and clarifications. While the proposal is very close, the core team would like more exploration of one specific topic: protocol conformance with property wrappers.

The core team feels that property wrappers on functions should compose (somehow) with protocol requirements. The overall model explained in the proposal is that the exposed function type does not have the wrappers on it. One approach would be to be consistent with that where implementations with wrappers on them would fulfill the projected types, an alternate approach would allow fulfilling requirements with the wrapped types. Either way, the core team feels that this should be defined as part of the proposal.

Other suggestions (e.g. inclusion of compile time evaluation of constants) are good ideas but are additive and should be explored as future work if that is interesting in the future. To summarize, the core team is very positive about the direction of this proposal. Thank you to the authors and everyone who participated in the feedback thread!

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