[Resolved] Can't login with GitHub and Safari

(Colin Barrett) #1

Having trouble signing in Swift Forums. Signed up with my GitHub account and am getting emails.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have a Swift Forums account created with GitHub; be signed out of Swift Forums and GitHub
  2. Go to Swift Forums and click "Log In"
  3. Click "with GitHub"

Expected Results:
Popup window with GitHub login form.

Actual Results:

Works OK in Chrome. Disabled ad-blockers. Also, if I'm already logged in to GitHub, Safari shows a different error:

(Jon Shier) #2

This is an issue with the Safari Technology Preview. I’ve reported it and it has been fixed in ToT WebKit, which means it should show up in a Preview release eventually. In the mean time I was able to login using Safari and then that login made its way to the Preview.

(Colin Barrett) #3

Thanks, Jon. I also noticed that switching my cookies setting from “Allow from current website only” to “Allow from websites I visit” helped with this and another issue. Do you know if it’s related? A link to the bug would be appreciated.

(James Froggatt) #4

Just got this error tapping a Github link, after updating to the iOS 11.3 public beta. Reloading the page fixed it for me.

(Sam) #5

Note, the reason for this is that somehow service workers in the preview are intercepting off site redirects. Service workers are a brand new feature in the preview.

(Jon Shier) #6

Bug I reported was 181908.

(Colin Barrett) #7

Thanks Jon