[Resolved] Can't login with GitHub and Safari

Having trouble signing in Swift Forums. Signed up with my GitHub account and am getting emails.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have a Swift Forums account created with GitHub; be signed out of Swift Forums and GitHub
  2. Go to Swift Forums and click "Log In"
  3. Click "with GitHub"

Expected Results:
Popup window with GitHub login form.

Actual Results:

Works OK in Chrome. Disabled ad-blockers. Also, if I'm already logged in to GitHub, Safari shows a different error:

This is an issue with the Safari Technology Preview. I’ve reported it and it has been fixed in ToT WebKit, which means it should show up in a Preview release eventually. In the mean time I was able to login using Safari and then that login made its way to the Preview.

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Thanks, Jon. I also noticed that switching my cookies setting from “Allow from current website only” to “Allow from websites I visit” helped with this and another issue. Do you know if it’s related? A link to the bug would be appreciated.

Just got this error tapping a Github link, after updating to the iOS 11.3 public beta. Reloading the page fixed it for me.

Note, the reason for this is that somehow service workers in the preview are intercepting off site redirects. Service workers are a brand new feature in the preview.

Bug I reported was 181908.

Thanks Jon