Requesting community help in maintaining Power/LE support in Swift


I have completed adding preliminary support for Power8/LE (ppc64le) support in Swift v4.2 compiler. Jenkins build node for Power has also been added, along with required configurations.

There are a few tasks which are still pending. For example, master branch is still not building on Power. Though most of the test cases included in the built-in test-suite pass, there are few cases which are failing on Power and need some analysis.

The effort involved is a bit heavy to handle for me alone. Hence I solicit help from community in sustaining Power support in Swift.

It is now easily possible to obtain resources required for development like Power VMs and Jenkins CI setup for Power using the resources available on the Internet.

If you are interested in joining me in this effort, please let me or @seth-priya know and we can provide you further details.


Any insights on the above errors anyone?

Hi, Sarvesh. I’m going to shut down this thread; it’s just a duplicate of the other, which is in a more appropriate category.

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