Removing Hello World

New to the updated swift, I started to learn it when it came out, however, picking it up for a new project. The struct ContentView: View {} construct isn't updated when adding objects to the storyboard. A bit frustrated here admittedly, it's a different approach to things then I'm accustomed to. I can't seem to eliminate the Hello world overlay in ContentView, so the storyboard is being covered. Any help would be appreciated!

It sounds like you started with a SwiftUI project. I suggest you start over and select "Storyboard" for the "Interface" of the new project if you'd like to use storyboards.

I have Xcode 5, I don't see a storyboard option. App, Document App, Game, AR App, Sticker Picker App, iMessage App.

It seems unlikely you have Xcode 5. Once you choose App you can select an Interface of Storyboard.

Interface Storyboard... Got it, thank you!