Relative date style of `Date.FormatStyle.DateStyle`

Whilst updating a project that I haven't looked at in a while I've been removing the various Formatters in the project and replacing them with the newer formatted() method which overall seems to have been fairly simple. However there's one case where I'm pretty stuck:

let formatter = DateFormatter()
formatter.timeStyle = .short
formatter.dateStyle = .short
formatter.doesRelativeDateFormatting = true

I can get the equivalent style from formatted for distant dates:

let myStyle = Date.FormatStyle(date: .numeric, time: .shortened).year(.twoDigits)

let newYearsMidday = DateComponents(year: 2023, month: 1, day: 1, hour: 12, minute: 0))!

formatter.string(from: newYearsMidday) // "1/1/23, 12:00 PM"
newYearsMidday.formatted(myStyle) // "1/1/23, 12:00 PM"

But I'm stumped about how to do it for closer dates that should use the relative date format:

formatter.string(from: .now) // "Today, 4:54 PM" // "2/12/23, 4:54 PM"

Is this possible with the new API or does it require sticking with DateFormatter?

Look here.

I don't think that RelativeDateFormat is quite right here though?

E.g for that last example

let relativeStyle = Date.RelativeFormatStyle(presentation: .named, capitalizationContext: .standalone)

formatter.string(from: .now) // "Today, 4:54 PM" // "now"

RelativeFormatStyle is the equivalent to RelativeDateTimeFormatter, whereas DateFormatter could apply relative formatting for just the date component where appropriate.

No idea without a further research. Perhaps just go through all parameter permutations to see if you can find a way. I remember @young was playing with those new style formatters recently, and @eskimo might have the answer off-hand.

Thanks both. That looks interesting but a bit more involved than I had hoped. Will probably stick the the formatter for now.