RediStack maintainer update

Nathan Harris informed the SSWG in early March that he will not be able to maintain the RediStack project going forward. He asked the SSWG to help find new maintainers for the project.

First, we want to thank Nathan for building and maintaining RediStack, a fundamental building block for the Swift on Server ecosystem. He started the projects in the early days of the ecosystem and invested significant time and effort over the years. RediStack is a great example of a community driven project!

Going forward Joannis Orlandos(Unbeatable) and Fabian Fett(Apple) will be the new maintainers of RediStack. Joannis is a SSWG member and has a long track record in developing Swift libraries. He maintains serveral important libraries such as the MongoDB driver MongoKitten. Fabian is a previous SSWG member and an active contributor in the ecosystem. He significantly contributed to AsyncHTTPClient and PostgresNIO.

With the change in maintainership the RediStack main repository will be moved from GitLab to GitHub in the comming days. To ensure no adopters are broken all changes will be mirrored back to GitLab.

Joannis and Fabian will share their future plans for RediStack in the coming weeks. Focus areas will be the adoption of Structured Concurrency and adding cluster support.

The SSWG is super happy about the smooth transition in maintainership and are looking forward to what happens next in RediStack. We also want to encourage the wider community to get involved. We always welcome contributions in whatever form or shape and RediStack is a great project to get involved in!:rocket: