RediStack Git Repo Rename

This is a courtesy announcement that the RediStack repository (and it's GitHub mirror) will be renamed from swift-redi-stack to just RediStack.

This is expected to have little impact, as both GitHub and GitLab are pretty decent about forwarding requests from the old URL to the new one.


SwiftPM as of Swift 5.2 introduces a new Package Definition schema, per SE-0226.

This new syntax and dependency resolution is awkward when the git repo name, package name, and product name are all different.

See RediStack #72, RedisKit #30, and SR-12339 for stronger details.

@Mordil Changing the package name in Package.swift is breaking if people use the 5.2 syntax to depend on RediStack with the new syntax

.product(name: "RediStack", package: "redi-stack"), 

So I think if you follow through with this, you should probably cut a 2.0.0?

RediStack is still in alpha, so this breaking change is still valid.

I tagged 1.0.0-alpha.8 last night that included this change.

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Good point :slight_smile: